112 dog years
Varan Bhaat - I made this Maharashtrian toor Dal dish today
New Years at the Beach [5593x3774] [OC]
Really let loose last night....
Tidepool in Brookings, Oregon [4000 × 3000] [OC]
Tea shelf [OC][1373x1318]
A Frost Storm Colored The Trees White. Bavaria, Germany. [OC] [1672 x1309]
15, Hjelledalen, Norway [OC] [2048X1356]
When the moon kissed the ocean [OC] [480x646]
Our organic Lemongrass Ginger Herbal Tea shot by Yoko Atsumi, a Japanese Flower Artist
Yea, it was full... Yea, they were lit...
"Breaking Through" - Mt. Hood breaking through the clouds during a beautiful
[Homemade] Japanese Beef Udon 肉うどん
Underneath the Scripps Pier, San Diego, CA [1500x997][OC]
Cloppenburg (Lower-Saxony), Germany [OC] [5194x3466] [Shopped AF]
Impossibly Blue - shot from a canoe on Lake Memphremagog off the coast of Vermont
Kids Just Sit Inside and Play Video Games These Days
Meet Ayla, rescued from a fur farm and given a second chance at life [x-post /r/aww]
The massive hills of the Judaean Desert, Israel. [2048 x 1371] [OC]
Taken scuba diving off the coast of Nassau, Bahamas [3680 x 2760] [OC]
cool thing
Awkward to say the least.
Achensee in Tirol, Austria on a snowy, misty day [3899 × 2924] [OC]