The code works
This fella is 15. He had a good day helping at the garage today. He doesn’t have
And eating the favorite hot pot!
Otter desperately wants boot to stay
Californian Coastal Drive [OC][1280x466]
Godifoss Waterfall: Iceland [5329x3553] [OC]
Chevy El Camino with GTO parts
The rare King Cheetah. Also known as Cooper's Cheetah.
Here’s Muffin, my 15 year old perfect pupper
Ain’t Peking roast duck the best?!
A single 31 second exposure I captured of the Galactic Core rising over Banks Lake
The Hunter
I adopted Luna over a month ago, and she has finally sat still long enough to take
Bells Beach.. 😍🇦🇺
Painting I did of a winterized lake near where I grew up In British Columbia, Canada
Even after her back legs stopped working Emmy kept a smile. I'll miss you girl, you
Happiness in one picture
Heavenly pools and waterfalls on the Vietnam-China border - Ban Gioc Falls, Vietnam
My dads 72 Nova that I just finished fixing up. He passed away in October and I wanted
Formal in the front, party in the back
Madivaru, Maldives
1st gen Toyota Celica
My girl sure knows how to melt my heart with those eyes!
Pizza barn in Yonkers