[I ate] This medium rare 55 day aged sirloin steak with duck fat parmesan and garlic
I've had her 14 years today. Vet wasn't sure of her age -- she could be 16 or 18
Goddess of the Sea, Illawa, WA [1600x1067], Majeed Badizadegan
Starved Rock - IL [OC] [1136x640]
Lake George, [oc], 4160x3120
I find it crazy that this is a thing in the U.S.
[I ate] Mochi with a creamy pineapple filling
[1012x767] [OC] Sweden, stockholm suburbs hässelby
My girl. 1969 Stingray Corvette
Took this at La Jolla Beach in California! Didn't mess with the water color too much
[homemade] White chocolate ganache drip galaxy cake.
stars over a wildfire, Tucson, AZ [6000x4000][OC]
A cub snuck into our chicken pen and fell asleep, without harming any of our chickens!
2448x3264 Spring is here. When the temp is just right, it can bend an icicle.
Milky way core over Nugget Point Lighthouse, 26 February 2017. [OC] [1459x2000]
Quick reminder for all Americans
[homemade] experimental donuts.
Lake Massawippi in the Evening, QC [OS/OC] [5312 x 2988]
Meteor Shower in Hawaii [OC] [2200x2200]
Close call (stolen from r/cringeanarchy)
Reynisfjara (Black Sand Beach), Iceland [OC] [3837 x 2878]
2448x3264 10 pmish spring moon popping over Mount Sophie
Spring filled path in Santa Monica, CA. [OC][6000x3376]