California at its finest [OC][2000x2500]
Tom Brady looks like a single, divorced mother that just won full custody of her
Snowfall in the harbour of Copenhagen [1536x1920][OC]
This Amazon review.
Met this friend at work today
Montana Moments... [OC][5472 x 3648]
Pepperoni with garlic parmesan crust
Gorgeous sunrise looking out at Mt. Hood, Oregon above a low layer of clouds [OC]
[Homemade] Honey Sriracha Chicken Bites
An handmade teasets shop I'm visiting in China!
One of my Black Tourmaline's
Christmas 2017. Zion National Park, Utah [OC] 4042X3024
I swear officer I didn't steal those abalone
They’re only a part of your life, but you are all of theirs. Said goodbye to friend
Oh, how the tides have turned...
Said goodbye to my sweet girl after 15 years. She was the kindest soul I'll ever
New phone, who dis
[Homemade] - Chocolate cake
Frozen friend. Need help!
2018 Porsche 911 Gt2RS
Sent out my drone in the air to catch the lovely Winter scenery in German Odenwald.
Falcon Heavy flame fire detail, one of several zooms from a larger image
[I ate] Miso ramen with pork
People said to stop with the Utah pictures, so here is Waimea Bay, Hawaii [OC] 4472X3578