Burnin' down the house [1280x530]

Night-time storm over the waters of Port-la-Nouvelle in southern France [1200 x 675].
My grilled honey lime shrimp tostadas with cabbage, cilantro and green onion atop
Gull Lake, Minden, Canada: Took this while at my friend's cottage this weekend [5212x2988]
Drew a little fox for a friend of mine ! Thought you guys might like it
Lightning strike over Montreal, QC [2000x1333]
Jimeier F.: "there is a quiet desert located in al saad, uae..." [4288x2848]
With all the bickering about who's going to be the president, please remember this
She is now shaving her legs...
How to Make Ginger-Garlic Paste - Convenient in Winter especially
Beef Burger. Pickles, basil, cherry tomatoes, free range egg, maasdam cheese. [OC]
I let my GF go first on hikes, she thinks that it's so that she is setting the pace
Raging wildfire in Santa Clarita, California [2877x1916]