I've been seeing two baby raccoons on my campus quite frequently. I managed to get
Tokoname tea set [OC] [2400x2400
Lake Atítlan, Guatemala [4032 × 3024] [OC]
[OC] [4032 × 3024] Lago Atítlan
Ordered the "American" pizza at a pizza place in Akihabara
[OC] [4032 x 3024] Flores, Guatemala
Rain moving in thru Helena Valley in Montana [OC][5472 x 3048]
Mt Fuji as seen from Koutsu Island, Japan [OC] [1200x1800]
Crystal clear Carezza lake, Italy [1880 × 1245]
Autumn in Montenegro [2048x1003]
Fall storm, taken from the abandoned Sunflower Army Ammuntion Plant in DeSoto, KS
Fancy a Biryani?
Cabin in Spring Mill State Park, Indiana [OC] 2448 × 3059
Summer Gundam - Odaiba, Tokyo [2340x4160] (OC)
Dusk at Lake Winnebago from High Cliff State Park, WI [OC] [1602x901]
I'll have just 1 slice.... heh
Lake Annecy, France [1820 x 800]
Thin matcha (usucha) without a froth [2448x3264][OC]
I'm no father but this jumbo slice is as close as I got to having a baby
Sunrise - Halong Bay, Vietnam [1024x768]
Used my Nan's vintage biscuit presses to make rustic shortbread rounds [1200x1200]
Curl Curl Surfers // Sydney, Australia [OC] [2505 × 3185]
Drone over Palm Beach, Sydney [4600 × 3448][OC]
Lago Sandoval, Peru [OC] [4608x3456]