PSA: Cutest cozy raccoon socks spotted at Old Navy
The Open Roads of West, Valley of the Gods, Utah, USA. [OC] [3024 × 4032]
My new cup, thought you’d all appreciate it
He’s happy when he gets the front seat
[OC][1920x1080]Mystical Mushroom in German Odenwald (next to Siedelsbrunn)
Sunset on Lake Champlain [OC] [2048x1365]
It's got a cop motor, a 440-cubic-inch plant. It's got cop tires, cop suspension,
My Grandpa's 100% original 1969 SS 396 Chevelle. Even has the original paint!
Poppies are gone npw. A darker one again. Taken during a lot of rain in German Odenwald
Shot after work in nearby woods in Walldorf (Germany) during Spring[OC][1619×1080]
Just got to Venice first thing I got was a pizza and beer.
Stack of fennecs
Venice Beach [OC] [3264x2488]
Wife sent this after picking up our dog after surgery today. Says he's "still
My 6lb hiking buddy can keep up with the big dogs
Caught with the last sunlight in Weinheim (Germany) [OC][720x1080]
[homemade] Millionaire's Shortbread
Chorizo, jalapeño, swirl of spicy honey
I love my dog. She is always so happy :)
Don’t forget about us White Foxes as well 🦊🇯🇵
Too soon?
My boy, Ruger. Just in case anybody needs a smile today.
Sea doggo and river doggo (x-post r/hmmm)