I had a dog show in my living room a while back..... there was one dog..... she won
Otter has found some fresh snow and wants you to play
Amanita murscaria, I bellive it's the most iconic mushroom. [oc]
Winter in Acadia National Park, Maine. [OC][4000 × 2670]
Getting neutered didn’t even phase my boy Ray, he was to busy enjoying his new
Went to a specialist class yesterday. Here’s the cupping I did
These clouds in West Texas right now.
Already an obsession for the ball (toller retriever)
Autumn means apples!
[misc] A5 Wagyu beef
Lapsang Souchong and Dried Longan [2500x2500][OC]
Found the new wallpaper for my phone.
Autumn foliage in Massachusetts
Mothership Supercell Over Colorado Fields [OC] [4096x2566]
Met This Guy While Hiking in Switzerland (4048 x 3036)
Almost Halloween!
Atuh Beach, Nusa Penida, Indonesia (X-Post /r/EarthPorn) [OC] [6000x3851]
Driving on the way to Telluride and saw at least 6 people pulled over to the side
The Andromeda Galaxy [OC] [4003x3966]
[Homemade] Waffle
BotanicalPorn and perfect Symmetry in one!
I love this recent shot. Tea looks so amazing in nature. We have been having sunset
Rocket is giving me the “puppy face” in this case it’d be the “foxy face”.