Welcome to my favorite view on earth, Mt. Assiniboine Provincial Park, Canada [OC]
Magical cloud!
[I Ate] Montreal style “everything” bagel w/cream cheese, dill, and green onions
Two Trees stand like guardians to a Gold Tunnel at Golden Hour in Boardman, OR, USA
Autumn rainbow in Pinckney, MI [4096x4096] [OC]
Drax the Destroyer, Rocket, and Starlord is below Rocket hiding under the table.
My buddy dressed up as Eleven in honor of Stranger Things season 2.
Lamborghini Miura came into the dealership yesterday [1920X1080]
Came across this on Instagram and thought this sub would get a laugh out of it.
A darker autumn in Northern Norway [oc] [960x640]
Caught napping in the garden (r/pics)
Taken a few hundred meters from my campsite as the morning mist lifted to reveal
Beech vs Pine in The Hearg Woods, Denmark [OC] [800 x 1060]
Ready for court
On the way to Mt Everest Base Camp, Nepal (OC) [2250 X 3000]
Thought I'd only get to see this place via my computer screen, Faroe Islands [OC]
My wife's best friend passed away yesterday. He loved skateboarding, pizza and farting.
[OC] Loukoumades Dessert [2295x2000]
Vestre Cemetery in Copenhagen [800x1000][OC]
Homemade hot pot for our Stranger Things binge
Hello! My name is Luna:)
Made it out here before they cut this magical place down Boardman, OR [2000x1335]
This is actually a cake (598 × 599)
You & the fox she tells you not to worry about