Painting I did of fall’s fiery leaves in Central Park New York.
[I ate] Matcha Mousse Cake!
[I made] Chorizo mac 'n' cheese. [4032x3024]
The face i wake up to every morning
They've been flooding my feed more and more
[I ate] Made for breakfast eggs inside onion bagel
Currently Africa by Toto is winning for our graduation song and someone doesn't approve
The stratigraphy around and in Death Valley is wild.
Ready for the season, just finished my BBQ table!
When the fire is actually a demon from Hell
Qi Lai Shan High Mountain Black Tea - so comforting he he...
Hiking is such an exciting experience for the two pets.
R34 GTR in Midnight Purple [OC]
The sun rising over a freshly snowed Crater Lake, Oregon, by Kevin Huang [2048x1365]
I started looking for another job last week.
[I made] Beef Wellington [OC] [4032x3024]
This is sweet Lilly. My daughter and son-in-law rescued her from the local shelter
Would buy. 10/10
[OC] Incoming Prairie storm, Alberta Canada [4096x2723]
Just adopted this Good Girl. Meet Maya!
Well hello there
Tokyo's Gold Dumpling is only $10! [OC]
Sunrise at South Padre Island, TX [OC] [1080x1350]